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iwritee offers a wide variety of tasks which include, for example, research article, essay, term report, article review, case study analysis and research paper. The topics will vary so that your interest is sustained.

Tasks will be assigned to you by iwritee team lead or team manager. You will have the choice of accepting or declining an order as per your suitability. You will also be able to pick tasks from the available tasks and complete them.

You will know this within a span of 48 hours of completing the online test. A team representative will review your test and will successrm you accordingly of your acceptance if you have passed the initial test.

Each task can be calculated based on no of words or fixed compensation is offered. Price is communicated to the writer at the time of assigning.

iwritee makes all payments via bank transfers in the local currency for your ease and convenience.

There are two payment cycles. Writers get paid on 5th and 20th of each month.

All personal thoughts and analysis of the writers are increasingly encouraged to be substantiated by the academic works of practitioners as well as academically grounded theories. This means that all writers will be required to use referencing, as specified by an assigned task. Moreover, the referencing should be done using the MS word plug-in, and should follow standardized rules. Writers are encouraged to use a blend of different academic references, focusing more on the use of journal articles. The use of blogs, Wikipedia and unreliable sources is strongly discouraged.

All writers will be expected to meet the given deadlines without compromising the quality of the work. If you are not sure about meeting deadline, you should not accept the paper. If you fail to meet the deadline three times you will be banned from assigning further work.
Our team prides itself in providing quality work to the customers, which keeps them coming back to us for more. This is possible only through writers, who put in the required amount of thought, time and research in preparing tasks and assignments with commendable presentation.

Initially, you will be restricted to work on one assignment at a time. However, after a period, if the team-lead and manager is satisfied with your work quality, you will be allowed to pick more than one order at a time. This is conditional to your ability to meet deadlines without any compromise on the quality.

No. As per our policy, we offer free revisions to customers for any time till their assignment is submitted, and even afterwards. This is conditional on the revision not being in contradiction with the original instructions for the order.

Please successrm your team-lead of this, and we will let the customer know that the revision requested was not part of the initial instructions so we can charge customer and pay you for additional words.

Each assignment will require a different formatting style. Harvard, APA, MLA, Chicago and Oscola are standard formatting styles. Referencing is required to be done through the MS word plugin. Basic training will be provided to selected writers for referencing.

No. working with iwritee is completely ethical as well as legal. You will not get into any trouble for writing these papers. As per our policy we only provide sample solutions and customers are warned to not to submit that as their own work. They can only use that to write their own piece of paper.

Yes, as soon as you are accepted, a writer’s manual will be emailed to you. It is important for you to go carefully through the document and understand it. Failure to follow the writers' manual may result in continuous revisions, which will impact the quality of the work.